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July Restoring NM Lizard Lounge Recap

On July 20th, we gathered for a homemade fiesta of taquitos, rice, beans, & Pantry enchiladas. Our lovely secretary, Earlene Groseclose, worked tirelessly to prepare the food and make the place look great. After we enjoyed socializing and the yummy food, Laura & Rebecca Graham, gave a short presentation on Critical Race Theory and how to fight it.

Through the above video and their own experiences, these two millennials emphasized the grave danger CRT poses to us all but especially millennials. Millennials are facing attacks from CRT at work and through the attempt to indoctrinate their children. The best way to combat CRT in our schools is to attend all school board meetings with a group of well-informed and calm friends. Even if you don't have kids, your tax dollars could pay for CRT in our schools. Another way of fighting CRT is to adopt a millennial, letting them know they are not alone in this fight and helping to educate them of their rights to fight against CRT.

Though we expected 5 gubernatorial candidates, due to traffic and conflicting schedules, we had only 3 attend and 2 speak.

Greg Zanetti, a gubernatorial candidate, joined us for food and fellowship but had to leave before getting to speak with everyone due to scheduling conflicts. Thank you for joining us, Greg.

Gubernatorial Candidates Jay Block (Top Left Photo) & Tim Walsh (Top Right Photo) both joined us for food and fellowship. After the CRT presentation, these 2 gentlemen each graced the group with a 3-minute presentation about themselves and why they are running for governor. We were also joined by Alexis Martinez Johnson (Left). She hopes to be a candidate for Santa Fe Mayor and is still collecting signatures to get on the ballot. Alexis also gave a 3-minute speech about why she wants to run for mayor.

After everyone's speeches, we had a wonderful 40 minutes of Q & A for all 3 candidates. They answered questions on what they would do if there was another lockdown mandate from Washington, what their 3 big platform topics are, & the future of New Mexico. All in all, it was a fun & informative night. To learn more about candidates check out the "Candidates" page.

We hope you'll join us next month on Aug 17th at the Republican Operation Center for more food and a discussion on Why the 2nd protects the 1st.

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