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June 8th Shindig Recap

We had a great night. Our 1st Vice-Chair, Harry Montoya, told us about 2 meetings he attended earlier in the month: Candidate training & the Citizen Redistricting Committee NM. While our 2nd Vice-Chair, Brett Kokinadis, inspired and reminded us that though we are mad that should not stop us from getting out and participating in restoring NM.

"The newly created Citizen Redistricting Committee will be responsible for creating new boundaries for all legislative seats and congressional seats. I encourage you to get involved in the process, as this will determine elections for the next 10 years. There will be an opportunity to provide your individual input on how a certain legislative district should be drawn up. The use of a program - an online portal for submission of public maps and testimony - will be available for your contributions." ~ 1st Vice-Chair Harry Montoya

You can learn more about when they are meeting & how to participate at

Mr. Montoya suggested a great book for all to read, "Rules for Retrogrades: Forty Tactics to Defeat the Radical Left". Quote from the book: "The retrograde has the unique capacity for understanding the stark chasm between the degenerate, socialist-infiltrated world of decay on one side and the well-meaning, good-hearted, but clueless Christian world on the other."

Get yours:

We had the pleasure of hearing from one of our candidates for Lieutenant Governor, Anastacia Golden Morper.

Visit to learn more.

Lastly, and certainly not least, we watched US Rep. Jim Jordan’s Operation Freedom speech. A wonderfully uplifting and inspiring speech.

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